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All Together NOW - Bigger Than Us - Final


Michael Rice is a British Pop Artist from the UK. His career first began, when a video of him street performing instantly went viral, reaching millions of views on TikTok overnight. It was then, Michael was invited to audition for the hit BBC TV show ‘All Together Now’ which he went on to win the first ever series.

Michael was then selected to represent the United Kingdom by the British public at the Eurovision Song Contest, gaining him thousands of new fans across Europe and the world.

After catapulting into the spotlight, Michael has been writing his debut music with some of the best music producers and songwriters in the game. 2022, saw Michael release his Single ‘Gotta Go Dancing’ with world renowned company ‘MasterCard’, which racked up over 50 million hits across the world on TikTok.

Michael is excited to be releasing his new single ‘Boy I Used To Know’ which comes from Michael’s highly anticipated album that he is currently working on in the studio with some exciting writers and producers across Europe.

Michael wrote this huge piano pop ballad in his bedroom in his hometown of Hartlepool during a difficult period in his life. Michael starts the song with the opening lyrics ‘I miss me, the old me. There was a time when I was happier than ever’ reminiscing of much happier times in his life and with his big soulful voice the chorus opens with ‘I need to let go & find my way back home’ longing to find his way back to his true authentic being.

Michael hopes this record with connect with his fans and the world, that we are not alone. Even when we feel like the world is crashing down around us, there is always love, light
& hope for better days. Let this song be an anthem to your life.


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